How to Avoid Scammers on Interracial Dating Sites

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online dating scammersWith the current technological advancement, it is easy for people from different countries, regions, or rather continent to interact, share and socialize. Due to this, more dating sites are now available for people to meet virtually and express their love interests to each other. However, it is disappointing how some people are taking advantage of these platforms to meet their 'needs'. So, if you are a regular user of dating sites, it is good to take exceptional precautions on who you interact with in these sites. Actually, most of those people who fall victims have engaged in interracial dating; probably due to the long distance between these two people. Without much ado, let’s get to some of the tips that will help you detect scammers in any of the dating sites you use.

1. If there is no clear flow of communication.

It is pretty much easy to trap a person who is not genuine in communication. A genuine person will always stick to the first information they provide you with. On the other hand, a scammer will complicate the first information, and will not even remember what they tell you a few weeks or months down the communication line. Hence, if you detect a contradicting information; especially personal information such as what they do, or where they live, don’t hesitate, just stop the communication.

2. When money issue comes in, run.

The main aim of scammers is to get money from you. They will first lay a foundation of trust through what seems like an honest flow of communication for a few weeks or months, then the money issue will come in. Most of them will bring in issues such as a huge medical bill of a close relative or rather family member which needs to be settled. While some will actually tell you to send them money for transport to meet you. This is a polite way used to get money from you, then the person; 'your potential lover,' will suddenly disappear from the site – they actually faked everything; from their name, the profile picture and their place of residence, and then you can’t retrieve any of their information.

3. When everything seems to happen so fast.

Meeting a person for the first time; especially a stranger from an online platform, requires enough time to get know the person and gain enough trust to either meet them physically, or give them some other critical information like your home address. Although some people may be lacking patience naturally, scammers have a way of doing their thing. They will shower you with all the sweet things you need to hear in the first few days of interacting. Then they will start asking much personal questions like how much money you earn; this information is not important, unless the person is a scammer. Also, don’t be in a hurry to meet a person who seems to force things happen within the first few days of interacting with them; they might be in your country for a few days, and want to maximize benefits before leaving.

4. When the person is so much interested in getting information from you.

Most scammers will always try to keep you engaged with questions, leaving no room for you to ask much about them. This is the information they use to manipulate your mind, hence, be careful on the kind of information you disclose to anyone. If the person does not give you the chance to ask your questions as well, then that could be a potential scammer, cut the communication.

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Many people have found themselves in the hands of scammers without their knowledge, it is good to pay keen attention to anyone you meet in a dating site; don’t just trust everyone.