The Best Interracial Dating Apps of the Year

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If you’re tired of using mainstream apps looking for a date - oh and uh you definitely have a preference when it comes to race! - maybe it’s time to stop searching for general stuff, and instead, download an interracial dating app!

You can instantly narrow down the playing field when you use an app that caters to interracial romance. And it’s not just black and white. You can also search for any ethnicity or race, or be any race, and get the same success.

We’ve reviewed the top interracial apps below and were surprised by what we found.

1. Black White Dating

black white dating

Black White Dating is one of the best reviewed apps on Google/Apple, because of its easy to use interface, its swipe options, profile descriptions, and some nice interactive features. You can even play games with other users, or custom search for keyword interests or locations around the world.

There is a large membership here, and they are all predisposed to date someone of your race! That’s a big advantage over more popular dating apps and websites, that generalize the search. As long as there is a huge membership, which Black White Dating has, you will find more quality matches and even members that are online at any given moment.

The site also has verification options to prove your profile is legitimate and not fake, and the option to boost your profile so that you stand out from the rest. Black White Dating also has interactive features that make online dating fun again. It is the best choice for men and women looking for interracial dating specifically, at the most affordable price.

2. Interracial Match

interracial match

Interracial Match dates back to 2001 which is impressive. The good news is that the app / website offers privacy, discretion, and smart matchmaking. Interracial Match uses an advanced algorithm to match you to someone you’re going to like.

Naturally, matchmaking is not as important if you’re just interested in casual dating. Interracial Match claims to be about love, and finding a suitable long-term partner. For that reason we had to drop it down a notch, because some singles want long-term, but others want one night stands and friends with benefits.

3. OKCupid


OKCupid is a youthful dating app that matches people together using a fun and Gen-Z friendly questionnaire. You can even choose your gender, political viewpoints, religious viewpoints, interracial preferences, and other important dating criteria.

While the site does have race preferences, that’s not the same thing as being built exclusively for interracial couples who want to date. OKCupid has variety but not exclusivity. However, the interface is great.

4. Swirlr


Swirl claims to date back to 2003, though its presence as an app is relatively new. Swirl offers plenty of members to match with or choose from, and even publishes success stories. Swirl does go back a long time, but it doesn’t have any special features setting it apart from the competition.

5. Tinder


Tinder is popular and has a huge membership. But you can bet half of the swiping population is simply not interested in dating. You can find some interested men and women some of the time. But overall, it does get your hopes up without any real results.

6. EliteSingles


EliteSingles is a successful dating app that many black and white singles do like, especially if they are career-focused and find it hard to schedule time to date. The site is successful at matching black and white singles, but long-term commitment is stressed.

As you can see, the “best site” is a relative term. Only you know what features matter to you and what user experiences you find the easier and friendliest. We decided that Black White Dating was the best mix of practical features, modern verification and safety standards, and a high membership.

The higher the membership, the more chances you have of finding a partner to date in real life, and not just for chatting on the app. The games, matching algorithms, and even the local “online” search are very useful. The app caters to different types of dating styles, whether it’s casual, long-term, or even relationship-oriented. We also liked the fact that Black White Dating let you find interracial partners all over the world, which is ideal for people traveling.

Why not give these apps a chance and change your dating life for the better? You may find that narrowing your search, rather than generalizing it, is the best way to find a perfect match.