5 Dating Tips for Shy Girls

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Dating and finding love is not always as easy as couples make it look, but for shy girls, it is a lot more tasking because of their introverted nature. There is this inability to walk up to someone and begin a conversation, and even more complicating is the way they respond to people who make moves on them. Their unusual response always gives the wrong impression that they are rude or arrogant, which just adds to the difficulty in getting hooked up. If you are one of these shy girls, don't give up on dating just yet.

There are tips that will help you get over your shyness and have a date just like everyone else, have a look at them.

shy girls

1. For your first date, pick an outdoor activity.

Since you are a shy person, being in a quiet place with a nice meal and your cute date staring right into your face isn't such a good idea to make you comfortable, especially on a first date. So, for you not to look boring, put yourself in a more social setting with your date. You can both visit the zoo and throw food at the animals, visit the museum and get a tour, etc.

2. Talk about things you observe

When you are with a guy, it is not cool for him to do all the talking. So, you need to flow with him and a good way to do that is by talking about what you can see, something you can refer him to and also get his opinion. For example, you can comment on the food you've ordered if you're both at a restaurant or a film poster you see at the cinema if you are at the movies.

3. Have your dates in places you are familiar with

You need to be comfortable before you can actually be fun or have fun during a date, so a place that is already known to you will go a long way in calming your nerves. Make him meet you at your favorite restaurant or any hang out spot that keeps you at ease, you will notice your "feel at home" aura will enhance the whole occasion.

4. Look stunning

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, now find out your own special way and kill it, let his jaw drop when he sees you. Looking great will make you more confident, which will do a good job at burying the naturally timid nature of shy girls.

5. Engage your hands whenever you feel nervous

If at any point you start feeling anxious, just channel it to your hands, but don't make sounds with it —be discreet about it. You can put your hands under the table and press them together. It helps you get calm.

6. Practice with videos of yourself

If you are worried about how you will look during a conversation, you can have a friend ask you questions and take videos of you answering them. Watch the videos later and you will feel more comfortable with your talking self. When you're alone, takes videos of yourself asking and answering questions. These are proven tips to help you loosen up and enjoy your date.