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As dating continues to shift to online and apps for phones and mobile devices, there are more to choose from and it may be more difficult to find the right one for you. Swirl has been created for people who are open to and interested in interracial dating. This dating app is open to anyone and encourages individuals to connect with others who may be their permanent match.

The Swirl dating app has been built to support and encourage those who are interested in dating people from around the world, and to support interracial dating. It allows for you to be true to yourself, everyone is welcome to use this app regardless of sexual orientation, religion, or cultural background. With an aim to be free of judgement and open, there are features and tools in place to ensure that every user feels safe.

Getting Started

Signing up is easy enough, download the dating app and fill out the information about where you live, what your interests are, and what you are looking for. The more information that you can include the better the matches that you will find. Once you are registered then you can get started right away, view some other profiles and start communicating with others when you are ready.

By selecting the type of relationship you are looking for, and your preferences for a partner, you are likely to find more people you are interested in talking too, but remaining flexible can bring people to your attention who you wouldn’t normally consider but might be a great fit.

What Makes this Dating App Different?

Swirl is created with the intention of encouraging interracial dating and creating a safe space to do so. With a Planet feature that allows you to interact with people around the world this dating app has a one of a kind interface. It is clean and simple to use, allowing you to control who you talk to and providing feedback on who is viewing and interacting with your profile.

Open your app to see who has viewed or liked your profile, and how many times they have interacted with it. Your messages are easy to see and simple to respond too, inspect their profile to see if you are interested in responding and know that you can message safely with the option to block and report anyone who causes you to feel uncomfortable.

Privacy and Security

Include only the information that you are comfortable sharing, and your direct contact information remains confidential. Choose photos that you are comfortable sharing with others and that represent you at your best. No one can access your private information unless you provide it to them.

To keep you feeling safe there are features that allow you to block people when necessary. If you feel threatened or harassed report the person and messages, and you can block any of the users on this dating app that you feel necessary.

These features protect everyone, and breaking the user agreement can result in removal from the app permanently. If a user is reported for harassment their account will be closed and they will be unable to reactivate it.

Top Features

  • View profiles from around the world
  • Message those who’s profiles match what you are looking for
  • Easily converse with people from anywhere
  • Find your match no matter sexual orientation
  • Perform searches or filter results using demographics that are important to you such as: age, location, gender
  • Choose a location for your match, close to you if you want to meet in person easier or from anywhere around the world
  • Find others who share similar interests and hobbies
  • Block those who make you feel uncomfortable

Disadvantages and Limitations

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to an app that has users around the world is the limited ability to meet those who you connect with if they are far away. While many countries have easy travel policies and can be reached easily to meet in person, others are more restrictive. This can make it harder to meet someone that you have connected with, and the travel expenses can be prohibitive.

Another limitation is the inability to video call or even voice call. This limits your interactions to messages through the chat feature with no way to confirm that the person who you are speaking to you is in fact who they represent themselves as, however this also protects you from others who would take advantage. Without further contact there are limits to any relationship, and providing contact information outside of the app is a risk that you may need to take if you find someone who is of interest.


Swirl is an accessible dating app that includes everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religion. It allows you to connect to people around the world and to find people who are a good fit for you. It provides a safe space for those who are interested in interracial dating and are looking for a space to meet people from anywhere in the world and connect with them in a safe manner. With safety features allowing you to report or block other users it allows you to limit who is able to contact you as necessary, and offers a way to chat and interact without revealing your personal contact information.